Robert Schlegel

new paintings 2019


"Houses on Bay"

48" x 36"



"Through the Window"

25" x 50"



"Houses on Water"

40" x 30"


"Young's Bay"

50" x 25"


"Gray Roof & Buildings"

48" x 36"



"Green Hat"

14" x 11"



14" x 11"


"Houses with Cape"

12" x 12"


"Mill #3"

44" x 36"


"Man in Boat"

28" x 22"


Snow, sleet, hail and finally rain as I wind down the steep streets of Astoria from the Column to the Safeway on the banks of the Columbia River. Creating a narrative with place is the foundation for much of my work and for the past several years the far northwest corner of Oregon has been an ongoing story.  In the middle of the Young’s Bay Bridge, I pull into a small turnout and sketch the shapes of structures on the steep hillside facing the bay.  This particular sketch has evolved into a series of paintings that provide a portrait of a community in transition.  As the freighters turn with the tide, new breweries emerge. Gray clouds continue to moderate the intensity of light and dark.

R. Schlegel - Spring 2019



"Dock with Boats"

20" x 16"



"Three Chimney's"

14" x 11"


"Green Oar"

14" x 11"



"House on Hill"

12" x 9"




20" x 16"



"Valley Landscape"

18" x 39"



"Hilltop House"

20" x 16"


"Causway House"

20" x 16"




11" x 14"


Young's Bay #5"

32" x 22"




"After Pissarro"

acrylic on canvas, 24 x 18"


"Charlie Noble"

acrylic on canvas, 24 x 18"



"Embrace / Cannon Beach"

30" x 18"



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