Christopher Mathie

Seeking Balance

September 1 - October 20


"We're Here to Heal Each Other"

80 x 60" (triptych)



"Language of the Psyche"

36 x 72"



"Strong Mind Heron"

36 x 36"



"Sailing Into Trust"

48 x 60"




"Saltwater Meditation"

12 x 24"



"Seeking Balance"

24 x 96" (diptych)




"Constructing Inner Strength"

40 x 60"



"Saltwater Meditation III"

12 x 24"



"Encouraging Growth"

72 x 48"




"A Heron You Can Talk To - One That Will Listen"

54 x 30" (SOLD)


"Sailing Boldly Forward with Knowledge from Your Soul"

60 x 48"




"Saltwater Meditation II"

12 x 24"




"Saltwater Therapy"

36 x 36"



"Let Go"

36 x 18"



"Advanced Form"

48 x 48"




"Let Go II"

18 x 36"



"Strong Man"

80 x 20"


This new exhibition reflects the search for balance and truth within a commerce-driven world by moving past fear-based decision making. Washington-state painter Christopher Mathie has developed a high-energy painting style that oscillates between bold abstractions, expressive coastal landscapes and a language of symbolic forms. His emotional canvases are based on intuitive mark making, intimate dialogues and a free flowing thought process created from trust and the letting go of fear.



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Spring 2018 Collection



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