introducing new artist

Mary Parkes

Spring Show 2020

oil paintings


"Me and My Lemon"

36" x 18"



"Baby Cheetah"

24" x 36"




"Mama's Breakfast"

22" x 28"



"Mister Peeps"

11" x 14"




28" x 22"



"Love Match"

20" x 24"



Exhibit View

Spring 2020



"Out in Space"

24" x 20"


"Together in Space"

24" x 20"




22" x 28"



"Don't Ruffle My Feathers"

11" x 14"



"Koala Look Out"

28" x 22"



"Silver Heron"





Mary Parkes is an Oregon artist who sees joy and happiness in what she chooses to paint. Her delightful subjects bring to life an emotional connection to the act of painting. Parkes works on smooth sanded canvases to achieve a level of precise detailing. Her incredible renderings of exquisite creatures capture both an external beauty and sense of spirit from within.

Elephants, koalas, crows and exotic birds take on personalities that hint at human emotion. Her paintings lean on the cusp of surreal as animals are often depicted in fantasy situations or imagined painterly settings. Parkes’ overall passion for painting can be seen in the delicate and compassionate treatment of subjects.


"Golden Monkeys"

36" x 24"



"Koala Up a Tree"

22" x 28"



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