Robin & John Gumaelius

ceramic, metal & mixed media sculpture

2019 exhibit


"Three Men and a Toy Boat"





"Small Boat"





"Mobile Theatre of Peculiars"

two-sided sculpture with handmade book








"Mobile Theatre of Peculiars"




"Mobile Theatre of Peculiars"



"Unmoved - A Stationary Fight"





"Afloat in Choppy Water"



"Superhero Saint" (SOLD)





"Releasing Doves - Hands Speak Like Birds"



"A Modern Parting of the Waters"




"Boat Feet" (SOLD)





"Plan to Make the Ground Tremble" (SOLD)




"Juggling Piolet"




"Burden of a Racoon-Tail Hat"





"Extravagant Chameleon"




Recent Sculpture


"Circular Conversation - Dance of the May"




"Sailing with an Internal Compass" (SOLD)





"It's the Thought that Counts" (SOLD)



"House Jest"



"Boat Balance without the Boat"



"Garden Head with North Drawn in Dots"




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