Robin & John Gumaelius

recent sculpture



"Letting the Birds Out of the Bag"





"Perched on the Idea of a Chair"







"Dancing the Foxtrot"




"Boat Balance without the Boat"



"Joining the Frog Races" (SOLD)





"He Chose the Rabbit Go Cart for Obvious Reasons" (SOLD)



"Sayer of Little Things"




"Captive Thoughts" (SOLD)





"It's the Thought that Counts"



"House Jest"



"Garden Head with North Drawn in Dots"



"Frogsuit on Parade" (SOLD)





"He Feels a Bit Like a Squeeze Toy" (SOLD)




"Rolling with All Four"


"Roll Reversal"






"Big Thinker"




"He Won't Fly"




"Wearing the Bull by the Horns" (SOLD)





"Hidden Under a Tall Hat" (SOLD)



"Wearing Glory Like Ribbons"



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