Robin & John Gumaelius

"Story Birds"

earthenware & steel sculpture

"Pelican" (SOLD)


"Caracara" (right side) (SOLD)





"Caracara" (left side) (SOLD)


"Caracara" (back) (SOLD)


"Crowmagnon" (SOLD)


"Adam's Apple Storybird / Stretching Crow" (right side)

"Adam's Apple Storybird" (left detail)


"Adam's Apple Storybird" (back)


"Blue Storybird" (SOLD)


"Mini Storybird" (SOLD)


"Ducking Carpet Bird" (SOLD)


"Root Tailed Storybird" (front) (SOLD)


"Root Tailed Storybird" (side) (SOLD)


Exhibition View


"Capped Woodpecker" (right side) (SOLD)



"Capped Woodpecker" (left side) (SOLD)


"Want Less: Chicken Rider"


"Night Shade Grew on that Spot"


“Want Less: Hors d’oeuvers”


"Swallow Tailed Woodpecker" (SOLD)


"Tree-winged Storybird" (right side) (SOLD)


"Tree-winged Storybird" (left side) (SOLD)


"Owl" (SOLD)


"Owl" (back) (SOLD)


"Gold-winged Woodpecker" (SOLD)


"Wrapped Woodpecker" (right side) (SOLD)


"Wrapped Woodpecker" (left side) (SOLD)


"White Tailed Storybird"

"Woodpecker Storybird" (SOLD)


(back) (SOLD)


John Gumaelius, Steel Head Planter (SOLD)


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