Maud Durland



"Red Grove IV"



"Rolling Hills III"



"Another Day"


"Rolling Hills IV"



"Rolling Hills II"







"In Between"





"Cypresses" (SOLD)



"A Hint of Crimson"




"Fall Afternoon"




"Painted Forest"




"Quiet Water II"



"Hillside II"





"Open Views"




"The Sunny Side"



"Sea Dance II"




"Ocean Breeze"



"The Wave"




"The Wave II"



"Summer Morning"



"Rusty Trees" (SOLD)


"A Day in August" (SOLD)



"Red Road"



"Beach Grass" (SOLD)


"Side Walk Cafe" (SOLD)



"How the Sea Came to Marissa"

Original Children's book illustrated by Maud Durland



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